Benefits of Vegetable Gardening

Gardening is a healthy and productive way to relieve stress, eat healthier and exercise, provide better nutrition for you and your family, save money reduce your environmental impact and reduce food waste. It’s relatively inexpensive to get started – and with a little advice and some research you’ll be growing your own fresh vegetables (and fruits) in absolutely no time.

Since ancient times, mankind has always “produced” their own food. Western Asia, Egypt and India were sites of the earliest planned growth of vegetables that had previously been gathered in the wild. It quickly spread to China, Africa, New Guinea and the Americas. There are many benefits of growing your own food.



  1. 1.       Flavour and Nutrition – A vegetable garden supplies you with the freshest vegetables and fruits on hand when you need them, giving you superior flavour and the best nutrition possible. Vegetables from grocers and supermarkets have to be transported and chilled before they get to the shelf. By growing your own, you can always have the freshest product, and we all know “Fresh is Best”.
  2. 2.       Save On Your Grocery Bill – Although there are some expenses in initially building your vegetable garden, the reduction in the grocery bill will more than make up for it. Some of the most expensive groceries are fresh produce – and by growing your own, you won’t have to pay through the roof for vegetables that cost more or less week to week. You can plan your meals around what’s in the garden, and you know you’ll always have enough. Vegetables you grow are free, and renew themselves continuously.
  3. 3.       Lower Environmental Impact – That fresh produce in the supermarket has to be transported from the farmer to the shelf, and then to your pantry and fridge. By growing your own – you’re not only benefiting your own health, but the health of the planet as well. You reduce the carbon footprint of the produce and your family. Additionally – plants create clean air, so in your own small way, your contributing to the global warming effort. By growing your own vegetables, you’ll have a sense of their importance on the plate, likely reducing your family’s food wastage. It’s a lot easier to throw out a cucumber you paid 50c for than a perfect one you cared for and watched ripen over the course of several weeks.
  4. 4.       Exercise – Planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and caring for your vegetable garden is a light exercise activity to add to your daily routine. The kids can join in too. It provides some gentle exercise that is engaging and fun, reducing your risk of serious illnesses. Studies have shown that the simple act of gardening can lower your blood pressure.
  5. 5.       Control – Stop worrying about food safety. You can control fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide and ensure your plants are chemical free. You have the control to avoid the pesticides and harmful chemicals that are sprayed on mass-produced vegetables. It’s an excellent way to adjust the intake of those harmful substances that we hear about in the media, and improve your health – while problem solving to deal with any issues in a creative and safe way. Gardeners are more likely to eat a wider range of fruits and vegetables, even if they don’t cultivate them themselves.
  6. 6.       Mental and Spiritual Benefits – By understanding and observing the life cycles of plants, we connect with our own life cycles. A garden provides an oasis of calm. Considered a form of meditation, gardening calms to conscious mind – proven to help increase creativity, build confidence, and provide us with an outlet for frustrations. Exercise releases endorphins, alleviating stress, with gardening improving hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills and self esteem. It can be especially beneficial to hose recovering from an illness. A healthy dose of gardening can foster a good night’s sleep. Gardening allows you to connect with nature and its intricate workings, promoting a sense of achievement and attachment



For all these reasons and many more, a worldwide movement known as “Foodscpaing” is developing – whereby each individual in a community has a portion (or all) of their land devoted to the growth of food. In response to economic downturns, high food prices or just for pleasure – individuals grow their food for personal consumption or trade with other community members. Foodscaping has been considered as a hybrid of farming and landscaping, in the sense that is encompasses food production, gardening and the aspects of planning and beauty. It provides the owner with a way of integrating a vegetable or fruit garden into an already beautiful landscape design.


So why not join the movement? Get out there, grow some food and enjoy it! Better By Design Landscapes have produced many vege gardens to client specifications, perfectly integrated into the existing landscape design. Relatively cheap and easy to build, our vege gardens are the perfect combination of function and beauty. With tips and tricks from our team, you’ll be growing your own produce in no time at all!


Happy Gardening!

David Jeremy

House of Paving and Pots Team